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Our hand therapists are occupational therapists and physiotherapists. Your level of cover will depend on what category of extras you have. Often occupational therapy falls into a higher level category so it is always best if in doubt to contact your health fund. Exercise equipment and off-shelf splints are typically not covered but a custom made orthosis / splint is often covered.

You do not need a referral if self-referred.

There are funding schemes which do require formal referral. You do need a referral to claim therapy through the following:

Return to Work SA claims
Workers compensation claims
Motor vehicle claims
Department of Veteran Affairs
Department of Defence

If you require any advice as to which provider the referral should come from, please contact our administration team.

For our locations, please talk to our friendly staff who can advise of access arrangements which may be suitable.

All our therapists are trained in hand and upper limb therapy. We are a close team that are able to support one another to offer comprehensive opinion. All our therapists are trained to do a very thorough assessment. Each therapist brings a unique perspective and skill-set and our therapists all have different areas of personal clinical interests. Our administration team are able to start the process of matching your specific needs to a suitable therapist

All therapists at Melbourne Hand Therapy are university-trained physiotherapists or occupational therapists who have completed further training and education in the area of hand and upper limb rehabilitation. We specialise in treating injuries and conditions from the shoulder to the fingers. We regularly receive referrals from local physiotherapists and osteopaths who believe their patient’s conditions are better treated by specialists in the area.

we have off the shelf brace options for various needs, however our therapists can also fabricate custom thermoplastic splints as well as casts as needed. If you have been referred for a splint or brace, your therapist will need to assess your injury/condition and can then recommend which is better suited for your individual needs. Additionally, they will educate you and provide you with exercises to further assist your recovery.

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At Global Reach  Our specialized treatments are administered by both Certified Hand Therapists (OT’s/CHT’s) and Occupational Therapists (OTs) that specialize in Hand Therapy

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