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“Are you curious about what exactly a hand therapist does?

“Florida teen has 3 fingers amputated after firework explodes in his hand” By January 18, 2023

This article, posted in the New York Post today, reminded me of a seasonal diagnosis that our hand therapists in Sacramento  treat.  We help at least 2 individuals with traumatic hand injuries from fireworks. These injuries often result in finger amputations. Same-day emergency surgery is necessary, followed by finger replantation. Our therapists then provide daily wound care and dressing changes.

But it’s not just about the wound care, our therapists specialize in post-surgery finger replantation rehabilitation. They provide advanced wound care, create custom splints to protect surgically repairs,  splints to stretch skin and prevent contractures  and help patients regain full function of their hands through manual therapy, specialized motor control and dexterity exercises.

Don’t let an injury hold you back. And don’t feel embarrassed – you will not be our first client.  Our hand therapists are here to help you on your road to recovery. Don’t hesitate, contact us today to schedule an appointment. Magdalena Panscik, OTR/L,CHT

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NY Post Article – teen loses fingers in fireworks accident.

Doctors ended up having to amputate much of the teen's thumb, his index and middle fingers.

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“Say Goodbye to Painful and Stiff Fingers: How a Hand Therapist Can Help with Trigger Finger”

Are you tired of dealing with the constant discomfort and limited movement of one or many trigger finger(s)?   If so, a hand therapist  at Global Reach OT & PT can help.

Trigger finger, also known as stenosing tenosynovitis, is a condition that causes pain, swelling, and inflammation in the fingers or thumb. It can lead to symptoms such as sticking down in a bent position when you hold onto something for a long time,  popping when you straighten it manually and clicking when trying to move the affected finger through it’s full range. Difficulty gripping and weakness can also occur, making everyday tasks difficult to perform for example holding on to tools or a hairbrush while styling your hair.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s important to seek help from a hand therapist near you.  They will  create a personalized treatment plan that include techniques such as stretching, manual therapy to reduce swelling, facilitate tendons moving through their normal range to allow functional grasping  of small to large items.  Gradual strengthening will be added when the movement mechanics have improved. There is a fine balance between resting, splinting, exercising and stretching.

Don’t let a debilitating trigger finger keep you from living your life to the fullest. Say goodbye to aching, restricted, tight, and stiff  fingers.                                  Text or call Global Reach OT & PT at (916) 620-8050 to schedule an appointment with a hand therapist today.

Together, you can work towards a pain-free and comfortable life.


Hand Therapy Fellowship

GLOBAL REACH OT & PT Hand Therapy Fellowship

        formerly known as: OT Hand Therapy Fellowship at        Pine Street Physical and Occupational Therapy

is proud to offer an AOTA approved 10-month post professional OT Hand Therapy Fellowship program.

This program is designed to provide Occupational therapists with advanced knowledge and clinical reasoning skills to evaluate and treat Upper extremity injuries, integrate functional assessments into hand therapy and learn task analysis, home program/ client education and business skills in a safe learning environment.

The curriculum places an emphasis on collaborative and supportive learning to facilitate the exchange of ideas and allow therapists to engage in knowledge transfer. The extensive mentoring opportunity allows for competency in various skill sets incl:

  • Evaluation of client – analysis of how dysfunction impedes participation in ADL’s
  • Determining orthotic needs – orthotic design, fabrication and fit
  • Clinical decision-making – determining the most appropriate intervention approaches (manual therapy, modalities, splinting, leisure activity participation)
  • Understanding differential diagnosis for a large variety of hand and Peripheral Nerve impairments with great emphasis on pain science, RSI and post-op care
  • Improved confidence in Upper extremity treatment techniques and therapeutic interventions that follow evidence-based guidelines.
  • Practice Management skills – clinic start up, marketing, “selling yourself” in cash pay market

Interested candidates can reach out to  for all questions. Applications for 2023 now closed.  2024 deadline TBD.

Fellowship Director, Magdalena Panscik, OTR/L,CHT is proud to continue the unique outpatient based program under  Global Reach OT & PT, with Sacramento being the new home base.

Program utilizes existing resources, along with a stronger emphasis on EBP and community involvement to continue to provide an outstanding fellowship experience.

  • This is a fulltime position, runs for 44 consecutive weeks which allows for over 1500 hours of clinical practice and exposure in the field of Hand therapy.
  • 340 hours of one-on-one clinical mentoring.
  • Over 54 hours of formal classroom/lab instruction.
  • Over 1200 hours of clinical experiences throughout the year.
  • Salary – to be discussed.
  • Further employment opportunities available after fellowship graduation.

All clinical hours and curriculum content could be applied towards:

Applicants Requirements:

  • Have excellent communication skills as evidenced by personal interview with Program coordinator.
  • Being physically able to appropriately perform manual examination and treatment procedures.
  • May be asked for participation in a mock initial evaluation and treatment on a subject.
  • Having the psychological, social and physical stability required for participation in and successful completion of the Program requirements.
  • Current BLS (Basic Life Support) certification.
  • Valid Driver’s license (must have reliable transportation).
  • Comply with all Global Reach OT & PT employment requirements incl. Personal Interview required (virtual as needed).

Add proof of:

  • Clinical experience in Hand Therapy (fieldwork II or employment
  • 1 reference related to Hand therapy, 1 general reference
  • a 1–2-page essay of reason, goals and objectives for entering the Fellowship program (your WHY?)
  • Licensure as an Occupational Therapist by California Board of OT (CBOT) –FORM:
  • Fellow-applicant to show Commitment (plan / timeline/cost) to completing ALL Advanced Practice CEU Requirements within 120 days of start date to be considered for the position. This includes:



  • Written proof of 30 CEU’s for PAM’s at 90 days from start date
  • Agree to complete PHYSICAL AGENT MODALITIES TRAINING during the fellowship (minimum of 240 supervised hours required) and submit to CBOT for approval



  • Written proof of 45 CEU’s completed for HAND THERAPY at 120 days from start date
  • Agree to complete 480 supervised hours of HAND THERAPY TRAINING during the fellowship and submit the form below  to CBOT for approval

FORM: for more info on OT fellowship programs.

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Will a Push® MetaGrip® splint help me for thumb pain?

Metagrip for Function

If you’re experiencing debilitating pain in your thumb when pinching, writing or opening jars, you’re not alone. Thumb CMC (carpometacarpal) osteoarthritis, also known as basal joint arthritis, is a common condition that affects the joint located at the base of the thumb. This condition can cause pain, stiffness and limited range of motion in the thumb, making it difficult to perform everyday tasks.

One of the best ways to alleviate pain and inflammation caused by thumb CMC osteoarthritis is to use a thumb brace, like the Push® MetaGrip®, in combination with isometric strengthening exercises. The MetaGrip® is designed to stabilize the joint and provide support for individuals with arthritis. It’s highly durable, comfortable and breathable, made of material that is easy to adjust and customize to fit your thumb.

The MetaGrip® comes with velcro closure straps that can be adjusted for a perfect fit, and it has to be fitted for either the left or right hand. Whether you’re working in the garden, preparing meals, or typing on a computer, the MetaGrip® will stay securely in place and provide the support you need. Plus, it’s easy to clean and maintain. Simply hand wash it and air dry it.

If you or someone you know is living with thumb CMC osteoarthritis and is looking for a way to alleviate pain and improve mobility, the Push® MetaGrip® is an excellent option to consider. Its comfortable and customizable fit and durable design will help you manage your condition and continue performing your daily activities.

And the best way to ensure that the MetaGrip® works for you is to pair it with a hand therapy custom care plan. Our hand therapist at Global Reach OT & PT will assess and educate you on options to alleviate your pain and thumb dysfunction. Call us today to schedule a trial fit of the MetaGrip® and a one-on-one meeting with a hand therapist. Don’t let thumb CMC osteoarthritis keep you from living your best life.


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Can my Complex Regional Pain Syndrome improve?

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) varies significantly from patient to patient in its presentation and its development, but it’s generally a disruption to the peripheral nervous system. This may or may not be caused through trauma and can in turn result in a secondary disruption to the central nervous system.

The symptoms may change over time and vary from person to person. Pain, swelling, redness, changes in temperature and sensitivity to cold temperatures are usually experienced first.

The limb that is affected can become pale and cold over time and may also undergo skin changes and nail disorders. Muscle spasms and muscle tightening can also develop and once this happens, the condition can often become irreversible.

CRPS can spread from one part of the body to another, including opposite limbs. In some people symptoms go away on their own while in others they may persist for months or years The sooner treatment is performed from the onset of symptoms, the more effective the outcome will be.

There are two types of CRPS, with similar symptoms and signs however, causes may differ:

Type 1 – this is the most common type of CRPS, and is also referred to as reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD). It can be caused by an injury or illness that might not have damaged the nerves of the actual affected limb. About 90% of patients are diagnosed with type 1 CRPS.

Type 2 – this was once known as causalgia, and has similar symptoms to those of type 1. However, type 2 CRPS usually occurs as a result of a specific nerve injury.

It’s not well known why certain injuries trigger CRPS. Not everyone with these injuries will actually go on to develop CRPS. It could possibly be due to a dysfunctional connection and interaction between your central and peripheral nervous systems and disproportionate inflammatory responses.

At Global Reach OT & PT,  a hand therapist understands your diagnosis and functional challenges.  Please call or text us immediately and schedule your first hand therapy visit.  We will establish your goals together, monitor weekly progress and help you on your way to recovery!

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Don’t Let Exercise Pain in Your Hands, Wrists, and Arms Hold You Back – Here’s What to Do”

Exercising is essential for maintaining a healthy body, but sometimes pain in your hands, wrists, and arms can be a deterrent. This pain can be caused by the stress and strain that comes with working out, but it’s essential to know when it’s normal and when it’s time to seek help from a trained hand therapist.

One of the most common causes of pain in the hands, wrists, and arms during exercise lack of stretching or warm up maneuvers,  working out with weights or resistance bands that are way to heavy  or poor body mechanics.  Then there is also the “weekend-warrior” scenario where you don’t build up your tolerance with a  consistent exercise routine.

However, if the pain is sharp, focused on one spot, or accompanied by popping, clicking, or grinding sounds, it’s best to back off from the exercise re-trace your steps.  Did I forget to my warm up stretches,  did I skip a level of weight progression or did I not rest enough in between routines.  . If the pain is accompanied by swelling, and rest and over-the-counter medications don’t help, it’s best to consult a hand therapist for a movement analysis  or Upper Body Screen.

Having a therapist analyze how you move or what exercise routine you are trying to complete, will help to  problem solve the pain patterns that follow you during daily functional activities. Your hand therapist will be able to create a custom  treatment plan.   They can assist you in becoming more flexible and stronger, which can prevent pain and injuries.

In conclusion, pain in your hands, wrists, and arms while exercising is not uncommon, but it’s essential to know when it’s normal, and when it’s time to seek help. Remember that a little soreness after exercise is normal, but sharp pain or popping, clicking, or grinding sounds are not. Don’t let pain hold you back from exercising, and seek help when needed, your hand therapist can help you to prevent and modulate pain through activity modification, hands on care and use of supportive techniques incl. Graston intervention, Kinesiotaping or bio-feedback.

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